by Boozie

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released January 6, 2014

Written & Composed by Boaz Valabrega
Production, Arrangement & MIx by Steven Angel
Mastering "Hook & High" Studios
(c) + (p) 2013 Boaz Valabrega



all rights reserved


Boozie Israel

Boozie is a Synthpop dou from Tel-Aviv.
They work together since 2011, performing and stuff. Now at 2014 they finally released their debut album: Intimacy.
They shot two retro music video,
And now working on the new EP.

Boaz Valabrega is the writer and the vocalist.
Steven Angel is the keyboarder and the producer.
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Track Name: Just Another
You come and check on me everyday
And feed me up with massive flirts
Ask me questions, no one asks
And burn for me a mix- CD

When you share with me your cigarette, and then you take take take a deep look in my eyes
Ho it’s so hard to shake shake shake another look like that from a fragile mind like mine

All your softness died when I realized
You’re just another, drawn into my fire
You aren’t as sweet as you used to be
Since I know you don’t want me

There’re so few people that are enough
I put your piece on that list
Philanthropy, killing body
But as for you, you’re coming through

When you picked me up in your old car, I felt like a movie star, I shivered in my seat.
Seeing how we’re going far far far, but then you stopped the car, I never got that kiss.

All your softness died…

You cannot blame me for imagination
Maybe we just have our complications
Your sugar bunny, living in a tiger- will come out
Track Name: Intimacy
You never knew you could find yourself so attached
I face it on every other day so I do get the fuss
You told me things you never told anyone before
But when they come from someone dreamy as you I lose all my control

You’re not the first to feel so quickly that we’re so close
I’m like confessional but none of our eyes are closed
And your eyes are fooling me I felt it’s me they chose
I keep forgetting that it’s always the same

Intimacy is my enemy
First confuses me, then abuses me
Ho my intimacy works against me

I saw the chance so I’m giving it all for that (ye right)
I can’t miss another call like this, they don’t come every night
Everybody knows what I’ll have to know the last
Cause seeing me and knowing how it will be when my heart beats so fast

I don’t let myself feel like this usually
I can lose much more then what they call dignity
But waiting for so long for someone that will fall for me
Made my good sense run and hide
Track Name: Talk
It came from you so naturally
I didn’t do a thing
Seems like my body is in a shape of a living room
And everybody just brings it in

Its physical or its mental
Can’t block my cells from anything
And whatever’s staying in your mind
Is quickly coming in

Ho, you love it, I know, ‘cause for the first time you feel home
And don’t have to be quite or fight uncomfortable silence
While you do not care at all.

Talk talk talk let at all out
We just met and i already get a trip to your heart
Your words fill in the place that mine left
And I bet that inside your head my face is fading out

I found something small to say
But I couldn’t find the space
To sneak it through your verbal streams
Or to wait till you’ll take a breath

And I won’t complain the time was great
Although for me it’s kinda like a game.
But how come you want to meet again
When you barely got my name

But let’s face it, my bad! I should have made you understand
That I never say a thing if no one asks me what I think
or makes me go and lose my head

My issues left unsaid but u didn’t care that much.
So should you take the bed and should I take the couch.
Track Name: You Almost Took the Last Piece
You are the hunter I am the lamb.
Aiming from afar, biting everything you can.
Caging me in a bed all soft- maybe too much.
Wild beast is allowing you to touch.

My animal instincts gave me the red light and I knew
There’s Something that isn’t right

You almost took the last piece,
You almost took the last piece,
I won’t let you take the last piece,
Of my heart.

Watering me with your nice words.
You done it before and I’m open like a road.
Loosing up for the first time, everything is raw.
You don’t distinguish between a victim and a pro.

If there had been more glitter in my eyes
If I’d kept on missing my own advise
If you’d hidden a little more and taken me by surprise
I would have given it all.